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Gnome Houses


What's a Gnome Home?

  It’s a unique whimsical house “big or small” custom built and placed in your backyard or garden. Nestled inside the green foliage it adds this enchanted fairy tale to anyone's yard, from children to adults these gnome houses will bring a smile to everyone! All individually hand-crafted, painted and adorned. Because of this process, no two are exactly alike. 

We can build anything


These one-of-a-kind playhouses capture the total fantasy life and helps bring that creative imagination to all children and adults alike. Our whimsical playhouses will give all children the memories of a lifetime.

Rustic Bait Shacks

Our rustic bait shacks vary in sizes and is custom built for each client. They come with a dock, crooked windows, and rustic tin roof. We have the option of lighting them up inside to capture that whimsical nightscape.

Gardening Sheds & Outdoor sinks

These crooked gardening sheds make the perfect focal point to any secret garden. We build sturdy shelving on the inside for all your gardening tools and pottery. Our garden sinks make a great addition to help wash and clean up after working in the garden.

Mine Shaft Facade

A mine shaft display can be built from 4 -15 feet in height with custom built functioning water flumes, in addition to our signature crooked smoke stacks. We also include our rustic ore carts to add the authenticity to our mine shaft displays.

Dog houses

We use reclaimed barn wood for that rustic feel. These dog houses are built with crooked walls, shake shingle roofs, and a crooked smoke stack. We inlay with artificial turf to comfort our sweet loving fur babies. 

Holiday Decor

We have built elaborate Halloween displays that capture the perfect spooky feel to any front yard. Our recent project was the "Blitzen Shelter" it's a shed that shelters a fully animatronics singing reindeer, and fully decorated with Christmas lights. Our clients won 1st place with this display in the Hidden Valley's Christmas light show.